OPTA is mandated to advocate for teaching philosophy in high schools and to assist those who want to introduce philosophy courses in their schools. Written by education and philosophy professionals, the following links provide answers to the two big questions about teaching philosophy in high school that parents and school administrators might ask.

Teaching philosophy to pre-teens, either in school or at home, is now a matter of serious study. The links under P4C provide information about this subject.


The career opportunities open to philosophy graduates are many and varied. Any questions that philosophy students may have about the personal and professional value of the subject will be answered here. These sites include comprehensive information about personal intellectual fulfilment, transferable skills, graduate school acceptance in a wide variety of professions, and not least, the earning potential of philosophy graduates.

Skeptical parents of students who are interested in studying philosophy will be pleasantly surprised by this information. So will high school administrators who might be reluctant to offer philosophy in their schools.

General article on p4c topics.
Books and games for middle and high school students and their parents, including Playwise.
Books and games for elementary school children and their parents.
Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children, founded by Prof. Matthew Lipman.

University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children
American Philosophical Association's Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization
Founded by Prof. Rob Wilson, P4Calberta supports the work of IAPC.

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